We've carefully planned and built every aspect of the studio to ensure your recordings sound great, right down to our selection of microphones and software.


We know that as a musician, you've spent a lot of time and money on making sure your instrument sounds great in the rehearsal room. The humble microphone is the first point of contact between your instrument and our mixing desk, so we made sure that we stocked up on only the finest mics, including SE, Rode, JoeMeek, Shure, and AKG, to make sure that sound is transferred exactly to our computer.


Just like you wouldn't string your guitar with rusty strings, we wouldn't spend all that money on microphones to plug into a PC which your grandmother wouldn't look twice at. We record using Cubase 5.1 on an extremely high-spec PC with an Intel i7 CPU, 8GB of ram, and Windows 7 64bit, and using a large number of industry standard, professional audio plugins.


OK, your amp sounds just great on stage, but to ensure that it really packs a punch on record, we have a range of professional audio plugins at our disposal: Waves Mercury Edition, Sound Toys, Altiverb, Nomad, Sonalksis, Lexicon, Amplitube and many more.

We can also make use of a number of Drum Machines, Soft Synths and Sample Libraries including Battery 3, Korg Digital and Analogue range, LA Scoring Strings, and Chris Hein Horns, to recreate just what you're hearing in your mind's ear.


Sometimes, you just want to try something a little different on your recording. Feel free to make use of our Marshall and Fender amplifiers, Gibson, Fender and Gordon Smith guitars, Rickenbacker and Fender Precision bass guitars, and our Roland Juno-D synthesizer.